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The School of Lost Borders is committed to supporting and empowering guides and colleagues around the world who share the passion of returning meaningful earthbased rites of passage to all people. As another expression of this global work we have decided to bring teachers and guides from other countries and cultures, to offer their beautiful and unique perspective to our people here in America. These teachers have trained at the School and then taken this work to their own people, finding an expression of it that is appropriate to their culture and their own unique experience and personality.

For 2019, we have invited Susann Belz who founded and runs Women and Earth in Switzerland. Meredith and Steven were invited to her school to teach as far back as the late 1990’s, and Meredith continues to offer 4 shield programs at ‘Women and Earth’ in conjunction with Susann’s deeply grounded and brilliant shamanic work.

To sign-up write to Meredith at lostbrdrs@cebridge.net.

Datum: 18.06.-23.06.2019

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