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Wild Women, Wild Nature
with Meredith Little and Susann Belz

The rocks are beyond slow, beyond strong, and yet, yielding to a soft, green breath as
powerful as a glacier, the mosses wearing away their surfaces grain by grain, bringing
them slowly back to sand.
Ms Robin Wall Kimmerer

In this seminar we will celebrate the body’s ephemeral gift that, knowing it will one day return to earth, rages to live and be a part of the intimacy of relationship with the world
around us. If you love the sky and the water so much you almost cannot bear it, this is a door to our wild self. If you yearn for a deeper life, a full life, a sane life, this is a
door to our true nature. If you feel your connection to all of life and its rich diversity, this is a door to the future.
If we are to support ourselves and the planet that sustains us in these challenging times, a monumental shift in both the ways we think and the ways we live will be required.
It is time to challenge some of the foundational assumptions our culture instills in us.
In the Sixties an alternative vision of society from the culturally transmitted one, had already begun to evolve. Powerful student movements rallied to restore the right of
free speech, claim equality and our civil rights, protest nuclear testing. 50 years later there is the question: “Was our roaring loud enough?” Are we standing in our truth
and passion for the earth, all of nature, and humankind?

Some goals for the seminar:

  • Intimately interacting with the land to explore our wild and caring nature for inspiration into the future.
  • Activity which enlarges our sense of the feminine presence in the world.
  • The use of language and sensual imagery to impart a new woman-centered vision of reality.
  • Explore that which drives us wild that is helpful for us to break out into new areas, from the tameness and repetition that can limit us.
  • Explore those sparks for changes that are happening in every direction and help to guide us to new ways of imagining ourselves and our relationships.

Die Seminarsprache ist Englisch.

Seminar-Kategorie: Schamanismus
Datum: Termin 03.09.-08.09.2021
Ort: Humboldt-Haus, Panoramastrasse 30, D-88147 Achberg bei Lindau am Bodensee, http://www.humboldt-haus.de
Dozentin: Susann Belz, Meredith Little | Begleitendes Team – Assistenz und Übersetzung Barbara Lorenz, Gwendolin Altenhöfer und Schülerinnen aus der Schule „Women and Earth“
Unterkunft: Ja
Unterbringung/ Verpflegung: € 50,00 – € 84,00 je nach Zimmer, Zelten und Wohnwagen möglich. Bitte Zimmer direkt im Humboldt-Haus reservieren.
Preis: 560.00 CHF oder 515.00 EUR

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