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Wandlungsphasen der menschlichen Natur

The Four Shields of Mindfulness
It is tempting in this world where there is uncomfortable information flooding through our lives, to try and step back, even turn away from the feelings and thoughts that come with it. It is also very human in the midst of uncertainty, to rush to fix, rather than to sit in the strong feelings. Yet it is in allowing them in, and not trying to change or judge them, that clarity begins to form, and the “right action” arises.

What do the seasons of nature have to teach us about showing up with awareness moment by moment as we engage with and integrate what is happening around us? How can we strengthen our open hearts and minds to listen to the wholeness of our own wisdom and set aside the cloud of judgment?

Seminar-Kategorie: Naturorientierte Prozessbegleitung
Datum: 07.05.19 bis 12.05.19
Ort: Humboldt-Haus, Achberg bei Lindau am Bodensee
Dozentin: Susann Belz, Meredith Little
Unterkunft: Ja
Preis: 560.00 CHF / 485.00 EUR

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