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At a certain point you say to the woods, to the sea, to the mountains, the world:
„Now I am ready. Now I will stop and be wholly attentive.“ You empty yourself
and wait, listening….. you wait, you give your life’s length to listening.
Annie Dillar

This week we will explore ways of deepening into our relationship with the earth, the sky, the water, and the abundance of animal and plant life that make up our world. We will renew and refresh our connection and our gratitude for this
provider, maker of beauty and inspirer of all that is sacred. We will look more deeply to see not only the form, but the gift that each brings to our world, the way it has a unique place in the community around it, the way it protects itself, brings healing, and the dark sides and hidden wonders.
By going down into the world beneath the surface of the earth, and up toward the mystery of the heavens, and feeling our ground as we stand tall connecting earthward and skyward … we connect with the abundance of our own nature as well. We are a part of the intimate interconnection of all that is life. Of this we must remind ourselves again and again.

Mornings we sit in council, afternoons is time to cross the threshold and go out on the land alone, late afternoons we begin to hear the stories in the big council, and evenings the rest of the stories are heard in small groups.

Die Seminarsprache ist Englisch.

Meredith Little
and her husband Steven Foster co-founded Rites of Passage Inc. in 1976 and The School of Lost Borders in 1981, pioneering new methods and dynamics of modern pan-cultural passage rites in the wilderness and creating innovative practices of “field eco-therapy.” She has dedicated her life to returning meaningful and culturally appropriate rites of passage ceremonies to all people in support of the natural cycles of living and dying necessary for healthy lives and a healthy world. She is also dedicated to reconnecting people with the very roots of their own nature reflected in the wisdom of the land around them. She lives a passion for the diversity of life, for the nature of human, for the voice of ceremony, and for the healing qualities of community. Since Steven’s death in 2003 Meredith continues both nationally and internationally to guide
and train others.

Das begleitende Team:
Claudia R. Pichl, Susann Belz und Christian Kirchmair

Seminar-Kategorie: Naturorientierte Prozessbegleitung
Datum: 13. – 18. September 2021
Ort: Seminarhaus Die Lichtung | 3532 Rastenberg 2 | Austria | seminar@die-lichtung.at
Dozentin: Meredith Little and Team
Zusatzkosten/Additional costs: Unterkunft und Verpflegung € 68,00 bis € 94 / pro Tag
Board and lodging: € 68.– to € 94.– per day (payment on site)
Das Übernachten auf dem Gelände des Seminarbetriebs in Zelten oder Wohnmobilen
ist nicht gestattet.
Preis: 560.00 CHF / 515.00 EUR

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